Work from Anywhere Securely

Consumerisation of IT

In the connected world today, employees want to work from anywhere using a multitude of devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. They want to access cloud based services such as Office 365, Salesforce or simply use applications from their mobile device.

Millennial workers want to be productive whilst on the move from devices of their choice anytime and anywhere. This is how they are used to functioning in their personal lives and wish to operate in their workplaces to be more agile and dynamic.


of individuals use devices for work purposes (Forester Research, 2014)


of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support in 2017 (Gartner 2012)


of companies expect to stop providing workers with devices by the end of 2016 ( 2014)


of business say mobility increases the efficiency of their business processes 2014)

The Challenges of BYOD

Workers want to be productive and in the absence of a BYOD solution resort to shadow IT circumventing the company by introducing their own personal mobile devices and applications to work from.


Introducing a mobile working policy at work is great, but brings about their own challenges. For the business, you only need to look at recent high profile cases where data has leaked outside into the wrong hands due to cyber-attacks because of compromised workplace user credentials. The consequences can result in costing organisations millions of pounds and bringing about irreparable damage to their reputation.


For those responsible for IT resources in an organisation you need to think about how you balance mobile working whilst also managing the security of users, devices, applications and corporate data on mobile devices.


What is required is a Mobile device management (MDM) solution that protect’s company’s information and assets but also allow encourages workers to be more mobile regardless of device.

Every 3 minutes a mobile phone is stolen

80 % of employees admit to using non approved Software as a Service (Saas) applications. (McAfee 2014)


Our Approach

Here at Workplace Connect we believe that technology should be an enabler for any organisation to function more dynamically and smarter.


Through our experience and expertise we can help you devise a strategy in implementing a secure solution that will introduce BYOD or CYOD to your workforce based on industry best practice.


We take an assessment of your current environment and discuss with you your business goals and key requirements . This allows us to formulate a plan of action and advise you of the best solution in introducing mobile device management into your organisation.


Our experienced and qualified consultants can guide you through the whole process from purchase to implementation to training and managing the solution




Support and Manage

Lets make it happen

Eliminate the need to purchase and maintain hardware and infrastructure in managing tablets and mobile devices by choosing our industry leading cloud solutions.


We believe that a happy workforce working the way they wish to work securely is a productive workforce which can only be good for your business!

Speak to one of our experienced specialist’s today to see how we can change the way you work.